1 Yoga Pass Only

​This is a yoga only package priced at AED105 and does not include any food and beverage. If you would like to enjoy a meal before/after the yoga, please contact 1484 by Puro directly to make your reservation. INFO@PURO.AE or call +971 (0)7 244 5018 A single session package is valid for 30 days from the date of purchase and will expire if unused. Cancellation of any booking requires a minimum of 18 hours’ notice. Booking “No Show” or cancellation less than 18 hours prior to session start time will result in the booked class and associated session being marked as used. Bookings cancelled within the early cancelation period can be used for scheduled sessions at the same venue within the package expiry date, listed under the same package type. Strictly no refunds.

Note: Please ensure you use the same email address above as the one you will use to login or register with the Core Direction app.